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2017 m. leidimas

In search of Aestian Spiritual Identity

2017 m. leidimas

“The book of stones or a step towards the wider perception” Volume III

2016 m. leidimas

Primary Rites

2016 m. leidimas

The Key to the Kingdom of Stones

2016 m. leidimas

Copy Copy

2014 ir 2016 m. leidimai

„Anthropotheosophy – The Divine Wisdom Perceived by Man“ Volume III

2012 m. leidimas

Before the Dawn of Era, or on the Desecrated Occultism, Astrology and „the End of the World“

2012 ir 2015 m. leidimai

“Anthropotheosophy – The Divine Wisdom Perceived by Man” Volume II

2010 ir 2013 m. leidimai

Anthropotheosophy – the divine wisdom perceived by a human. Volume I

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 ir 2015 m. leidimai


2010 ir 2011 m. leidimai

The Legend About Astians

2009 m. leidimas

The Stories Of Egypt. The Little Isis

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