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In search of Aestian Spiritual Identity. The Second Book

Samothrace is an island of ancient mysteries counting thousands of years of its history. It belongs to Greece and is placed in the northern region of the Aegean Sea.

Can it be connected to our ancestors?

Two unconventional expeditions were organized to visit this island in order to explain the presumable signs of the Aestian presence in it.

The first travel took place in 2016. Its material is given in the first book. More information can be found here.

14 people by different professions took part in the second expedition in the summer of 2017. They travelled the presumable places of the Aestian location which were not visited the year before.

Mind and intuition were combined, empirical and intuitive methods were applied while collecting the information and searching the answers to the considerable questions. You can find it in detail in this book.

The members of the group who were using the intuitive method were given the questions about the arrival of the Aestians to the island in advance. The joint result of their work is presented in the book connecting this intuitive information with the historical context where it is possible

The video material of expedition is presented in DVD.
Here you can find five records:

  • Delphi
  • The first trip: Korakies-Agianemi-Kaufopetrai
  • The second trip: Avgerinos-Aitsouda
  • The hike of men of the expedition
  • Meetings with the people of Samothrace

This book is a collective work of 14 people which lightly lifts the veil covering the history of our ancestors. We offer you to have a look at the information provided in the intuitive and academic sources, to think over it and form your own opinion.

Where to buy?

  • Astromineralogy center (Pamėnkalnio st. 19, Vilnius)
  • The books may be found in the bookstore “Zodiac” (Labdarių st. 4, Vilnius), the othe bookstores of Lithuania and on the internet.


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