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Field Stones

In the known therapy of minerals, field stones have not been given enough attention. This book is an attempt to do so.
The introduction tells us about the ancient sacred buildings made of field stones that can be found all over the world. Both Lithuania and Latvia have old traditions of such buildings, therefore, memories of this tradition can be easily recalled.

The book explains about the form, color and pattern of the field stones and their significance due to their energetic impact. It also tells us about practicing with field stones for adults and children. It describes the peculiarities of the sacred buildings and the most important rocks found in the territory of Lithuania.

The book also contains many photographs of the anthrop theosophical shrine at the residence of the authors.


ILGEVIČIENĖ, Audronė. Lauko akmenys. Vilnius: Tiamata, [2007]. 165 p. ISBN 978-9955-31-009-9.


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