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The Book of Stones or a Step towards the Wider Perception. Volume III

This book is a unique manual of mineral therapy and astromineralogy which is based on the author’s deep long-term work experience with the minerals and its results. This book, as no other before it, presents monumental encyclopedic material on the justification of the minerals and rocks influence, the mineral therapy and systemic human treatment. There are plenty practices which can be applied to treat different kind of malaises and harmonize all the known human bodies described in this book. Moreover the reader will find the information on the special places on Earth which was never published before, as well as new knowledge on astromineralogy, the conscience and syngony of the minerals and the connection of the human reason with minerals.

The book is particularly useful for mineral therapists, psychologists, astrologers, astromineralogists, also for the specialists of natural and academic medicine and for all who are interested in minerals and natural health methods.


ILGEVIČIENĖ, Audronė. Akmenų knyga, arba Žingsnis į platesnį suvokimą. Vol. 3. Vilnius: Tiamata, 2017. 335 p.  ISBN 9955-649-23-2 (general); ISBN 978-9955-31-060-0.


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