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The book of stones or a step towards the wider perception. Volume IV

This book is the last one by Audrone Ilgeviciene on the subject of minerals. There are some not discussed and some already mentioned but now deeper examined descriptions of the minerals, a lot of unique and never published author‘s material on the characteristics and effects of the minerals, their chemical and planetary formulas. This book is rich in examples and commentaries on rare practices with the minerals, astrological information, detailed explanations and photographs.

This book is particularly useful for Spiritual searchers and of course for the mineral therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, astrologers, astromineralogists, also for the specialists of natural and academic medicine and for all who are interested in minerals and natural health methods.


ILGEVIČIENĖ, Audronė. Akmenų knyga, arba Žingsnis į platesnį suvokimą: svarbiausių dabarčiai mineralų aprašai. Vol. 4. Vilnius: Tiamata, 2018. 831 p.  ISBN 9955-649-23-2 (general); ISBN 978-9955-31-062-4.


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