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The Key to the Kingdom of Stones II: the Most Popular Minerals

This is the second part of the book. The effect on the body, psyche, mind, spirit and the surrounding, the usage of minerals in Feng Shui and jewelry is presented in the book. Also side effects of the minerals are explained, often not discussed at all by the mineral researchers.

This book can not substitute for the book to be published “The Book of Stones”. The latter offers description of the minerals adapted to a specialist rather than a common user. This book, on the other hand, is more meant for the common user. It presents a gist of different opinions on the influence of minerals.

The descriptions are structured based on the long standing research and analyses carried out by the Centre for Astrominerology, the researchers of the Stone fan club and the International Organization of Healing with Stones (Steinheilkunde).

ILGEVIČIENĖ, Audronė. Raktas į akmenų karalystę: [Vol.] 2: Populiariausi mineralai. Vilnius: Tiamata, 2009. 377 p. ISBN 978-9955-31-029-7 (general); ISBN 978-9955-31-030-3.


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