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2007 could be accounted as the beginning of anthropotheosophy. The first volume of Anthropotheosophy was published. This book has invoked people’s interest in anthropotheosophy. The need of gathering together and sharing experiences and remarks has emerged. For this particular reason the club of anthropotheosophists was established. Its purpose was to gather the people who were interested in anthropotheosophy and had a wish to socialize and share what was important to them.

Later on, second and third volumes of Anthropotheosophy were published. Members of the Club shifted – somebody joined, somebody left. Eventually the club became a place for people of the same interests to spend their free time, to perform voluntary works with no obligation. Number of members was growing and their activities took more defined shapes so it became clear that such a group of people who are connected by anthropotheosophy should gain a respective status. This is why the club of anthropotheosophists was reorganized into the community of anthropotheosophists on 16th August, 2015.

The community of anthropotheosophists is a union of people sharing the same interests for the sake of teamwork. The aim of this work is to pursue consciousness for yourself and spread this consciousness in others.

The community of anthropotheosophists joins people from various movements of faith who seek for clarity in their thoughts, words and deeds. Quality, quality, quality – this is what matters the most, every time and everywhere. Quality in performing one’s job is an indicator of responsibility. Responsibility is the entry to wisdom.

There are various work groups in this community. Members of the community choose to participate in certain groups according to their skills, needs, inclinations and preferences.

The community is functioning within whole Lithuania. Its center is in Vilnius. The main coordinator of the community in Lithuania is Violeta Skinderienė.


Public establishment „Idealistų būstinė“

Public establishment „Idealistų būstinė“ („The Base of Idealists“) started its activity on 15th March, 2014. This is a nonprofit organization with a purpose to serve as a legal body in representation of the initiatives and activities of the community of anthropotheosophists. The objectives of this organization are exclusively educative.

Directions of activities of the public establishment „Idealistų būstinė“:

  • publication and distribution of books in Lithuania and abroad;
  • organization and conduction of lectures, seminars and events;
  • cognition of the national heritage;
  • organization of travels and expeditions;
  • collaboration with other organizations of similar practice in Lithuania and abroad.

Our account for the donation:

Receiver: VšĮ„Idealistų būstinė“
Receiver‘s code: 303280375
Bank account number: LT627044060007955213 (SEB)
Purpose of payment: parama („support“)


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