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Anthropotheosophical Astrology. Volume I


It is the first volume of “Antropotheosophical Astrology” from the total five which are planned to be published.
This book is intended to rehabilitate the astrology because it belongs to the frontiers of science due to the misuse of it by the narrow-minded individuals who have no education, no ethics, no moral values but call themselves astrologers.
In such a context even the people who realize the depth and breadth of astrology do not dare to name themselves astrologers loudly. It is a perverse situation, and the author of this book does not want and cannot reconcile to it, therefore she dedicates several volumes for astrology.
Anthropotheosophical astrology is the field of astrology that combines anthropotheosophical view and its depth, astropsychology, karmic astrology and spiritual insights. It is not restricted by the elements of astrological prognosis, but they are used to define the lessons of the soul and its Path to the Spirit.
This field formed while the author engaged in astrological practice for more than 30 years, exploring systems and methodologies of various astrological schools in reality and of course systemically doing spiritual practices. The chosen Path, that has always included astrology, helped to change herself fundamentally, to find her Purpose and fulfill it – this the reader may recognize from the books given to him. However, of course, without earthly and unearthly Teachers this Path, as well as anthropotheosophical astrology, would be impossible.
This book is dedicated not only to astrologers and those interested in astrology, but for anyone who finds anthropotheosophy suitable.
It is valuable for the broad-minded clerics, priests, teachers of different religious traditions, and serious occultists, because it will help to understand more deeply the origins of the ancient holy Mysteries and their processes. Therefore, it can be useful for philosophers and those people who care about value questions.
The book may be also needed for psychologists and doctors who have a broader perspective and look for depth, especially for psychotherapists as well as education and culture workers.
Therefore, it is dedicated for those who understand that the body, its sensations, and mind are only the instruments that are given for the soul as a Divine atom coming to Earth to fulfil its Purpose. Astrology helps to understand that Purpose, to prepare for it and to accomplish it.

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