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Antropoteosofija | The Answers to the Questions of Anthropotheosophist

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The Answers to the Questions of Anthropotheosophist

The reader is already familiar with the three-volume book „Anthropotheosophy – the Divine Wisdom Perceived by Man“, which can also be named „ The Book for the One who Wants to Become a Disciple and for a True Disciple“. This book is dedicated for the serious searchers of the Spirit, conscious esoteric practitioners, representatives of all spiritual paths and religions, progressive scientists, philosophers, people of creative and intellectual nature, who search for the meaning of life and certainty, for God and themselves. It is a journey to your True Self, which crosses the boundaries drawn by the rational mind in order to know the world surrounding us all and invisible world as well.

“The Answers to the Questions of Anthropotheosophist” is the follow-up of the mentioned above book. There are some answers given comparatively shortly but at the same time in detail to the questions, which arise currently for those, who go deep into the essence of anthropotheosophy worldview, also for the other searchers of the Spirit and just thoughtful people. This book may be a guide for those, who not only search for the answers but also work with themselves and others. This book emphasizes the significance of the ideals, Idea and Belief in the Path to the Spirit and consciousness. It reveals the source of anthropotheosophy and the teachings rising from it.

Currently we live in the time of Great Transformation. The old, obsolete views, attitudes and mental structures, which support them, crack, collapse, crumble and dissolve in the stream of new energy. The new structures are only yet forming because first of all the energy streams by transforming the old structures and turning them into new ones. Therefore, such time is handy for all narrow-minded manipulators of human consciousness and of their aim to seek for the Good and Light. The human fallacy of huge global market of “spiritual business”, which has formed during the last decades, is most useful to the forces of Chaos and their workers, who masterly use up human vices, weaknesses, fears, the variety of desires and attachments. Even more experienced searcher of the Spirit can easily get lost in this confusion, what to talk about the beginners… That is the reason why this book was written while observing the games and manipulations of mentioned above global “spiritual business” and while responding to the inner need to know the Truth of the people who read anthropotheosophy.


ASTRĖJA. Atsakymai į antropoteosofo klausimus. Vilnius: Tiamata, 2019. 640 p. ISBN 978-9955-31-063-1.

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