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Why do we talk about worlds?

Much of the confusion on Earth is created by ignorance. Those who know are able to choose. The ignorant cannot choose. That is why ignorance is used by those who benefit from sustaining it.

They adapt for their purposes the phrases of the books of seven seals, by interpreting them in their own ways. Those who do not know that there are much more seals than one or three in such books become lost… They say: „All is One“, because it is written so in those books.

With such statements they base truth and lies, Good and Evil, by throwing everything into one pot. However, you must understand that even if you were making soup with many components, you wouldn‘t be throwing in that which is unedable, i.e.: nails, manure, dirt… You wouldn‘t throw in waste that is meant for the bin.

The same is with the residents of those worlds that you cannot see with your bare eyes. There is a lot that you do not see. Even you scientists already complain that a human being uses only a small fraction of his innate abilities. You do not develop those abilities. Some are afraid to do it, others don‘t know that they can do it, and others till don‘t even imagine that such abilities can exist.

Knowledge is needed for those who have nothing to hide.
Ignorance – for those who have something to hide.

And so we come to our point. (Henceforth) the same way in the unseen worlds or densities of consciousness, as on Earth some people are not afraid of appearing as they are, while others play a particular role.

Everyone speaks about truth. A lot think they are the righteous, but there is but few, who truly want truth.

A nugget of truth is like fire. It burns, perhaps even incinerates. The one to get burned complains that the burned parts are hurting. They might open as wounds. There are such, whose entire bodies become wounded. How must they live having become made entirely of pain? That is the real truth: she is entirely made of pain. Are there many who accept it with joy, because they know it‘s the Truth? Only such can carry our Truth.

People would gladly await pretty truth about themselves. They expect grand and solemn truth. They would like to be grand and pretty themselves, but they are afraid of the burning pain of truth. They serve the illusory Truth. She guides them. There are even those who imitate pain. Sophisticated are the tricks of chaos. We will say this: great is the Beginning, that gave life to souls, but less great is that, what those souls do with themselves while traveling through the worlds.

Primordial greatness passes away, enlaced by astral wishes and laden with cemented mental structures. Those unfulfilled wishes and cemented structures, after a persons physical death (the soul, provided there was one, goes on her own path. The attachments of wishes and structures are too heavy to rise up, so they remain to dangle where they can) settle in the intermediate world (check Astrėja‘s book „On death and posthumous paths, 2008) between the inhabitants of Earth and other subtle planes.

Buddists call these formations of attachments – kamarupa.We cannot call these formations souls or spirits, as it is usually done in the esoteric literature of the unconcecrated. It should rather be called substances.

The difference is huge: the soul and the spirit develops, a substance is the way it is. These substances are keen to communicate with people, through whom they get a chance to receive energy, which they cannot make themselves anymore. Without receiving energy they eventually decompose. Those who receive energy do not decompose.

You cannot even imagine how many of them have accumulated in the fields of Earth. They are used by wizards, magicians and anyone who understands how it is done.

A hundred years ago they worked especially through mediums. Nowadays they work through contacters, the number of which is increasing in all the corners of the Earth.

Of course, the clairvoyants can see them, and in powerful places can even touch about them, feel their waft and so on. In any case it should not be forgotten, that they belong to the world of ghosts and dusk.

The idea is simple: a sensitive person has similar aspirations as did some substance in a intermediate world. It enters a person and attaches itself to him, when he enters a place, where this substance lingers about. And suddenly this person feels able to heal, predict the future, write or contact. Pull yourselves round, our dear receptive ones, is it not what various „guru‘s“ are using when giving out blessings or concecrations in strong, long ago famous for their rituals, places? There are those who manage to catch such „gifts“ even without the help of any „guru‘s“. It can even be called by some mighty-sounding words: „opening up“, „revelation“ ect.

There are simpler cases: a person suddenly starts to drink and becomes aggressive. It happens in places, in which someone killed themselves or might have been killed.

To all these cases the same principle applies: „Similar attracts similar“. What is attracted in spiritual, medium or other kinds of seances are not souls, which are called upon, but the already mentioned substances.

In the worlds of the subtle consciousness their own rules are valid and the afford-mentioned principle applies directly. Souls, especialy that which could be called spirit, do not walk the Earth and don’t stand by Earth’s inhabitants waiting for them to ask them something. The higher the world, the more busy are the inhabitants of that world. Their approach could turn the unready into a pile of ash, so those who work with them, they prepare themselves. That is why neither the Uplifted Teachers, nor the great sages or holy men, not even the Archangels of the worlds of Light don’t answer through vertebrates, pendulums, physical body movements, cards, needles or similarly given questions. Here the substances of the intermediary world answer. Usually they don’t just answer. They become working partners – teachers – leaders to those who get attached to them. Voices that tell to do one or another kinds of actions belong to the same category.

A great number of such substances are brought back from Tibet, Nepal, Egypt – from places where magic used to be engaged in. (That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be visited. Strong places – are like an atomic power plant: one can enter, by keeping to safety regulations, which means, a tourist will not be allowed into the atomic reactor. That is why everyone take away their own impressions and gifts according to the energy potential that they posses – the more flaws the higher the possibility to catch a “friend” through them.)

Understand this, dear ones, the enlightened-ones go where they are supposed to go after death. They don’t linger about and that is why you will not get hooked to Christ, Buda or someone else. If somebody who “works” with you calls himself a famous name at best it could mean that sometime ago he lived near that person or was his student even, but if his substance remained in the intermediary layer it means he wasn’t a good student. The worst case is that it could be a lie, because lying is common to the substances of this layer. If that lie is acceptable to your pride you remain in it.
Namely with these substances, usually, do the exorcists of Christianity work, naming it as possessions. They are absolutely right. We talk about possessions more broadly in the other volume of the book. For now we have just named it, so you would understand.

It must be understood that such contacts may have especially threatening side effects – consequences: from inadequate perception of the world and self, to the most severe psychological sicknesses.

But the biggest problem is that such a person no longer lives his own life, because having become dependent from a ghost, he begins to live the life of a ghost. Even more: it becomes infectious, because the ghost need more and more energy. In such a way his food become those who get fascinated by the one living the ghost’s life or is using his powers. In severe cases such people have a specific smell, their body trashes about during the séances like from seizures. If such people would want to be healed, they should forget about their “esoteric” searches for at least three years, and give in to the most sincere prayer and work beneficial for the society.

WE TALK SO YOU WOULD SEPARATE, because it is becoming plague for souls.
Understand this, dear ones, Earth – is the realization of the aspirations and illusions of the unseen worlds.
All of them talk about the Truth, all defend it.
A person then feels as if he was in a laughter chamber full of crooked mirrors. In each one them he sees a different reflection of himself. While in the laughter chamber he knows that he cannot believe a single one the reflections. But there might be those who believe that one of the reflections is a reality. There are those who laugh because they have nothing else left.
Knowing this the wise men of all ages used to say: “Laugh and enjoy”.
What is the point in complaining that your forms are abnormal while standing in front of a crooked mirror.
Once you stand before another one the view will change. Here you saw yourself fat, there – lanky as a wisp. It gets even funnier when a person standing next to you starts advising while observing your crooked figure, but through their mirror.
Think about it, can you change another person’s understanding of the truth? You can, but only by pulling it closer to your mirror. But even then a person will not stand in the exactly same position as You, but rather in a little bit different angle: the view will be different…
Here are Your truths…

We don’t talk to pull You towards some mirror, but so that You could see that you are standing in a room of crooked mirrors. In order for you to leave it you need to find the door. They’re in a mirror that reflects You real view. In the context of the worlds we talk about – these are the formless, thus, thought and causal Spirit worlds. But in order to approach the true mirror all the others that are in the room must be passed. The only question is this – how much time will you stand in front of every crooked mirror?
We talk about the worlds so that You would recognize the crooked mirrors and would stand in front of each of them a shorter time, so that You would find the door quicker…

Understand this, the thicker the consciousness, thus, the deeper it descends into deeper planes from her solitary center, the more confusion there is. It is made by ever-thickening consciousness fluids. Such is the rule.

Those seeking veracity are worthy of understanding. Chaos constantly confuses them, because it doesn’t want to let them go. The pull of Chaos is the earthly gravity with all its attachments. It complicates the Path even for the worthy-ones. That is why for those, who understood that which was written we, for the first time, explain the scheme of the worlds in a way that it has never been given before. It’s unnecessary for those who are in Chaos, for it obstructs their works, damages their plans.

Why? Why is the description of a, let’s say, sunbeam’s descent Path from the Sun needed if it’s already obvious for everyone that it descends and that’s it? Therefore, in its own way it shines above the clouds, differently beneath them even more differently under the water.

Equally the same is with the layers of the Universal Consciousness or Essence. It’s like the afford-mentioned water ripples, which appear on the surface of the water once a rock is thrown into a lake. Is it possible to divide these ripples, the same way as sunbeams, in sections, parts? It is unnecessary for the sensible-one, because he knows that everything can be named in many ways, or laid out in schemes, but it will still remain what it is. For a non-sensible-one this is also unnecessary, for it causes him a headache that is why far more sweet is the clear and short “it is so, because it isn’t any other way”. Such a person chooses the path or teachings of dry dogma, which would deal for him with that which he himself doesn’t want to deal with.

But for a person who starts searching for understanding, who gets lost among all the beautifully talking “enlightened-ones”, explanations are needed like everyday bread, for they can become the key from the Great Pyramid’s corridors and chambers for him.

The system that we provide will help to separate more easily the crooked mirrors and find the entrance into the Great hall. It will not only help, but will back the separation, by helping to choose that which is true for the one searching, and what is not his.

Of course, the Consecrated-ones and the holy-ones did not need any schemes, because they knew the universal principal of the descent of Light, having spoken about it in their own way. Finally, if they were once the Consecrated-ones, they knew their Path and their phase of Light.
There were few intellectuals in the days of old, that’s why the process of the descent of consciousness was exceptionally the business of the Consecrated-ones, the priests and the brahmans. It wasn’t interesting for anyone else.

Any deeper explanations would’ve caused horror for a simple person. Even the more educated would’ve been lost. They did not wander between a couple of religious paths, and usually kept to the one that was common for the place where they lived, if at all. A person used to ask everything from the priest who worked there, because he trusted him. Back then a simple scheme was commonly accepted: the world of the gods, the world of those who did good on Earth, the world of the evil doers, and the transition or the time of the earthly death, meant for cleansing. All of this was called differently in different religions, but the essence remained the same.

As the old religions began to lose their stable positions in the process of the growth of mans consciousness, more and more of those who sought to take those positions appeared. For the developing intellectual people the explanations of the priests of the old religions, that were suitable for the uneducated man, were not good enough anymore.

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