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The ancient scriptures hide the wisdom under the seven locks. Which lock will be unlocked depends on the understanding of the ones reading. The first lock – for the one who knows letters. The second lock – for the one who can put words together. The third lock – for the one who can read the text. And, only from the fourth lock onwards, begins the knowledge of the true meaning of the scriptures. The knowledge has nothing to do with dogma, because they are antipodes. Thus, dogma claims to have found the truth after unlocking the second lock and having started to unlock the third one… However, dogma has always been a servant of misunderstanding. Therefore, dogma protects misunderstanding.

Anthropotheosophy is the key that can help unlock many locks, also it does not matter whether You would like to unlock the ancient scriptures or the other sacred texts. However, it is not enough to insert a key into the lock. Passwords are required to unlock beginning with the fourth lock. The lock will not open without belief.

It is time to unravel some of the mystery by using words. We will achieve this, although we know that words cannot remain undistorted by those who see no locks on our books, and those who think that a combination of words says it all.

The Subject And Object

Anthropotheosophy, as it has already been said, is the divine wisdom perceived by a human.

“A human cannot understand the wisdom of God,” – will say some of you. Of course not, not in its entirety. However, in the definition you can find the term “perceived by a human.” Hence, the wisdom of God is possible to understand a part by part. These are open to anyone who is looking for true perception.

How does one seek for true perception? An intellectual person searches for perception with his mind, believing that it is the sharpest, most accurate and fairest tool, which can explain everything, even the mystery of God.

Yes, I tell you, that tool is very useful. It is a scalpel, but it is not X-ray. Without an X–ray the surgeon could not see how to make a better use of the scalpel in order to operate on a growing cancer fully. Physical eyes can not see, and the fingers can not grasp the spread of cancer cells. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to identify the disease focus without X–rays accurately.

Therefore, think for a while, aren’t they funny, the ones who believe that the instrument could explain everything?

So, how could one explain the divine wisdom? What are the instruments, which together can perform X–rays, and if necessary, the function of other special devices yet to be invented? Object of Anthropotheosophy is exactly that instrument. With its help, revealed is the Knowledge of what can not be perceived by the Mind due to its limitations. This object has no boundaries, so as far as it is understood, that the object may not have boundaries, the wider is the perception of the object. Knowledge and Wisdom are components of that object. A man trying to grasp this object, must become the object himself. The more consciously and deeper be tries to become that object, the more divine wisdom is revealed to him.

Therefore, Anthropotheosophy states that “the divine wisdom perceived by a human” is actually an understanding of the wisdom as much as a specific individual is able to open up to the object of anthropotheosophy and eventually become it himself.

Now we need to identify the object of Anthropotheosophy. It is Consciousness.

Consciousness: the whole complex of transpersonal factors, describing the inner essence of any object.

In this case, the object can be seen as both any cosmic body and, of course, anyone living on the Earth like man himself. As an object should be considered as not only what is visible, but also as what is unseen and emits its own vibration.

Transpersonal factors – this is all what the physical eyes can not see by looking at the object, all what is not possible to determine by using the normal body sensations. It is how deeply the object sees the world based on his own experience and knowledge, how deeply he understands it and is able to be in the world.

Consciousness is everywhere. It is possessed (or can be acquired) by anyone. It seems to the mind that apparently the one who is not alive cannot also have consciousness, but this is not true. Consciousness exists in cosmic bodies, the planets, and all that is in them and on them. Consciousness differs only in its width and the forms of realization. It can be partly taken over, or acquired by things created by a conscious object (e.g. human).

The difference between the existing and acquired consciousness is that the existing consciousness has no limits in its evolution while the acquired consciousness can evolve just as much as the object that created the object can evolve.

Let us make this clear. All the worlds and all that is in them began their evolution from Common Consciousness, which you call God. You say: “God created the worlds.” It will be explored in detail below, but for now we’ll say only that, since all the worlds were created by God, then any of this work can acquire this consciousness by evolving, since it came out of Him.

In this case, the Eastern spiritual teachings talk about “coming Home”, it means coming back to God, or Common Consciousness, or the Great Light, or Void, or otherwise. Since a man should also be treated as a creation of God or the Common Consciousness, then he certainly has the ability to perceive the wisdom of God always deeper and broader during his many stages of evolution. This perception comes by understanding that a man is neither just the physical body which is visible, nor the usual five senses, but he is just consciousness. This perception is an extremely long and difficult path to God, or The Way Home.

Let us think on. A human needs items in order to supply his bodily existence. So he createsvarious items. Thus, he becomes the stuff-Creator or God. Thus, all his works, whether it is food, or a piece of clothing, or a machine, or anything else, can only have the consciousness, which first is possessed by their Creator. The same is true with the artistic creation of many people, in whatever form presented. Thus, the wider the consciousness of the person is, who becomes a creator, the more idea will spread his work to those who consume them, and the more they will have multiple benefits. The narrower the human consciousness, the narrower will also be the consciousness of his works and the less awareness spread to the consumers. Therefore, the more conscious a person grows, the more he chooses who made the food he is about to eat, or even who made the clothes he is about to wear… This is due to the fact, that by becoming the energy of consciousness he begins to sense the energy of the environment more and more deeply which negativity hurts him badly.

Unfortunately, think, dear, how many smart people of our times begin to destroy instead of creating. So does their work to which they seal their existing energy. There are those who do not understand this, however, there are many doing so consciously.

Anthropotheosophy will help people who search for understanding the importance of the conscious Path and show the threats lurking for the credulous ones. Threats are inseparable from vices in no way. The vices especially flourish when attempted to turn into virtues.

Conscious life – this is what the knowledge of Anthropotheosophy and the teaching based on the knowledge leads to. Many roads to the Truth are offered for humans of the Earth, but understand, dear, the more real the Truth is, the less it promises, as its work is just to be and shine. It is like a lighthouse of the coast: a ship can sail to it, or it may not. The truth neither attracts nor screams. It shines – you either saw it, or you missed it…

Reflectors of the truth, or masks, invite and seduce in every way, promising what is important for the searcher. They attract by using desires and strivings. Any one who responds to these seductions do not recognize their own masks that cover their own, true Self.

Did you think about how the masks ended up on Your face? Perhaps it was a desire – an aim to be important, recognized, understood, or just kind, or maybe the desire to please somebody put these masks on? Why that happened? Which part in You was it important to?

Understand that only after you know your masks and the reasons for wearing them, you will be able to finally, take them off. Only then, you will work your way towards your kernel hidden deep in your heart.

That is when you realize the truth.

That is when you start the True Path to the divine wisdom, or Home.

Only then, you will understand that all roads until now were just road imitations or simply not Yours. One can not recognize road imitations without recognizing his own imitations…It’s just like that.

You ask, and how to recognize the real from the fake?

I have already answered, only after the one recognizes the true from false in oneself…

Even after the recognition has been made you will have to understand the fact that many roads open up for the seeker of Knowledge and Truth, but only one of them will be suitable for him. The one who have found the road does not ask questions anymore but tries not to lose their way.

This is the beginning, later becoming Your own Big Bang. During this Process everything that is not you comes off, and then Everything begins to form from Nothing. It is necessary to run yourself up in order for the beginning to start.

Therefore, the one who begins to run up the process tries to live consciously. He is already capable of keeping the lighthouse in his sight after seeing it. The lighthouse unintentionally slips out of sight and is replaced by the searchlights of other ships for the one who pretends to take the masks off.

The more conscious a person is, the more he is attracted by values that reflect the essential cosmic principles. The deeper his perception is, the better he can resist any wealth of the world, and any temptation offered by invisible worlds.

Understand that the one who carries the heart of heaven rules, no longer needs the rules put down on paper. He simply knows and acts.

Awareness training begins when a person is no longer able to perform the work carelessly. He always keeps his word and, of course, makes no harm to others. Answer: is this too little? For many nothing more is required. However, there are a handful of those, who are destined – either now or at any time thereafter – to become cross bearers. Such men are happy to learn to sacrifice their lives for the values and if necessary – to die for them. These are our lighthouses. You cannot imagine how many previous lives were needed for them in order to become the cross bearers, and what are the costs of such labor. It is enough that only we know this, and them.

Those of you whose karma has allowed to see and recognize them, are safe. They are our Heralds. They are your Lighthouses. We lead them. Their job is to explain in their own way WHERE one comes from and how one returns THERE.

2007 02 27
Kth., S.

What Is Anthropotheosophy?

People hackneye and distort everything new provided for them. Once we said: you threw a stone into the water, and the water circles rippled. The stone has drowned while circles still ripple. It is how wisdom drowns and turns into triviality.

However, that wisdom still has time to educate and inspire those who understand and carry it further. The path of a wisdom carrier is difficult. Every time has its own difficulties. At that time, it was not easy as few people were educated and literate. The problem of this time are that there are too many of them. Intelligent people hackneye the wisdom and its inner value is lost. Wisdom sounds crazy in the lips of a conceited person. When wisdom, once again, is uttered by the wise man, everyone says: “This is what we already know. You are not telling me anything new”. Consequently, it is difficult to convey wisdom to a man of our times. In order to experience wisdom such a man sets off in far-flung travels, takes spiritual practices, but it’s all a fruitless effort if his mind aims only at one thing – to know more than the other. Knowledge – is not yet wisdom. Knowledge can be acquired through the mind’s gymnastics, but wisdom cannot be gained by using a training equipment. Many don’t actually want to change their perception. They complain about the lack of time. How it is all stupid…

Anthropotheosophy is the wisdom of God perceived by a man. An anthropotheophist accepts the whole cosmos, the Earth and what is on it, including himself as a single living organism. Both the planets, stars, centers of galaxies, meteorites or comets, rocks and mountains, oceans and rivers, tress and plants, animals and birds, like the man himself are alive for him, because everything belongs to the same system and exist according to the same patterns: they all breathe which means that they are alive and if so they must have consciousness. The only difference are the evolutionary stages of this consciousness.

The task of the anthropotheosophist is to explain unexplained phenomena to this generation, to reveal the meaning of perception and its possibilities so that a man could actually feel himself as an equal part of the universe, respecting all that surrounds him as his real brothers and sisters regardless of what form they currently possess. There will come a time for him to grasp that all forms fit in one formless body of immense size, called the Common Consciousness, or God.

So, the God is everywhere: He gives the message by flying as a bird. He feeds you in the forest by giving you this body in the form of berries and mushrooms. He protects you from the wind in the form of a rock, gives you to drink by becoming pure water.

This was the Belief in ancient times. The Gods have brought this Belief to the Earth. As long as people have lived under the Belief, there was peace. When they saw themselves as exceptional, trouble and strife began.

Who Is Anthropotheosophy Dedicated To?

Anthropotheosophy is dedicated to all of the beginner spiritual searchers, the true searchers and the Disciples, as well as to the priests of various movements and scholars of religious studies.

It is dedicated to all of the conscious people who seek for higher understanding and answers to the questions unintelligible to mind. Therefore it will serve the scientists who are looking for deeper meaning beyond words, lecturers, teachers, philosophers, theosophists, theologists, intellectuals and artists.

It is useful for everyone who work with the inner world of their own or others or are in search of God in their own way. It reveals many mysteries of the human psyche phenomena by explaining their nature and mechanisms of action. It explains the processes, dangers and manipulations of the inner transformation of human. Therefore it is valuable for psychologists, psychiatrists, priests of any movement and, of course, esoteric practitioners.

It will help to understand the process of the Path into the True Self, will explain the tests which painfully purify the inner quality of the one who walks this Path.
It should help to understand that the true Path is not an easy promenade with attentive fellow travelers, instead it is the long and hard work which continues through many lifetimes. It requires to sacrifice one‘s personal deeds and instead to devote oneself to the Purpose inspired by the Idea.

It shows how the earthly will transforms into the will of mind, which eventually transforms into the will of spirit and becomes the pure Will of the Creator.

It is useful both to the ones who believe and the ones who do not believe in anything that couldn‘t be proven by rational mind. It is dedicated to those, who consider the questions of Existence and Faith.

This world-view is for those who seek the soul wisdom and dare to cross the boundary drawn by rational mind. It is for those who are in search of the meaning and trueness in their life.
It is for those who dare to step into a journey – the journey into the Self, the journey that is incredibly interesting, purposeful, meaningful, even though full of surprises, risks, tests as well as shifting discoveries and losses which induce the inner change.

This is the teaching for the one who seeks to become a Disciple and to the Disciple himself.

It is dedicated to those who care about true values therefore they hold or seek to create a strong inner backbone of spiritual values as they realize that no serious Path towards the Spirit is impossible without it.

It is dedicated to those who think or seek to think more widely, to those who admit that it is not possible to understand the surrounding world, both seen and unseen, without having understood oneself. Manipulations via non-understanding have existed at all times. Understanding is the best protection against any manipulations.

It is dedicated to those who do not match their religion against others, but are instead ready to take a seat at the round table of Faith. There is no priority right at this table and the divine flame of Love and Peace is blazing in its center.

It is dedicated to those who realize that the time is approaching when science will quit denying the object and truths of Faith, instead it will start contributing with the representatives of all faiths and religions in order to unfold what is not yet known, as much as the Almighty will allow. In this way the intellectual Knowledge will merge with the Knowledge coming through God. This will lift whole humanity into a new stage of evolution of consciousness.

The Symbol Of Anthropotheosophy

The meaning of the symbol:

Center – is a Common Consciousness,
Heptagon Star – the seven directions and forms of the manifestation of the consciousness,
The great triangle, facing upward – is the triangle of the Spirit, so:

  • one of its line is That what is supposed to be perceived,
  • second – The Knowledge or He,
  • third – the one who perceives.

Square – the four basic elements: earth, fire, water and air, realizing itself at the level of materiality.

To illustrate this we’ll remind you the process and scheme of the Divine pantheon formation in various locations on the earth. This will be a key for a thoughtful reader examining the beginning of religions and the peculiarities of their fomation.

Children of God coming to the Earth believed in HIM, from whom everything began, and HER without whom there would have been no Him.

It is like day and night, where the day is what is shown or is revealed, and the night – this is what is not shown in any way and unrevealed, hence, what may be perceived as a stimulus for Him that may be shown and revealed in various ways later on.

He and She had a lot of work, so they could not be bothered. So, there had to be someone who could transfer His and Her instructions to their own creation, thus somebody who maintained a connection with them so that the creation lived according to the required procedure and understood what should be understood. It was the Great Gods Divine intermediary function (Thoth – in Egypt, Hermes – in Hellas, seven Rishi also known as messengers of The Great Ursa Major – in India, Archangel Metatron – in Chaldean and later Judaic Kabbalah, etc.)

So, this is the triangle facing upward, which we have already described. All of these are symbols that every time in every nation acquire their own characteristics and are perceived in their own way. Most of you can understand it as the Divine Trinity, that is the primary emission of Light in three light soft colors (see the “Seven Rays And Their Masters” by Astrea, 2009).

Areas of material consciousness have their own rules, like layers of any other consciousness. The result is yet another triangle, facing downward. In theosophy, it symbolizes (“Mahatmas Letters”, p. 462) form, color and substance, as well as creating, preserving and destructive forces (this triangle is perfectly expressed in Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva).

Both of these triangles combined form the reader-known star of David, or Solomon’s seal. In fact, the triangle, facing upward, means a sacred or invisible wisdom, while the triangle, facing down, means the wisdom has already been perceived or is being perceived.

So those who are curious, explore what deity in religions that interest You represented the principles explained above.

For the current time, as you can see, instead of the triangle facing downward, we used the square. Analyze the current existing religions, and you will understand why.

You know the basic four elements of earth, fire, water and air. Fifth element, filling the space – it is known as ether.

Each of these elements has the exclusive power, which is then shaped by energy formations (eggregors) that represent the elements. So, by being very strong these elements are incomprehensible and uncontrollable for the human, thus they were deified and called names. They were especially loved by all pagan and shamanic religious orientations (e.g., Gaia in Greece, Geb in Egypt, Žemyna, Žemėpatis in Lithuania, etc.).

The square of the four elements is the basis of earthly existence. It is the basis of a pyramid. In ancient sacred astrology teachings it was considered to be the fixed or constant cross which is also known as a builder here, a cross of the world savior there, Avatar gateway or Sphinx elsewhere. This is the body of the Taurus, the splender the Leo, the wing of the Eagle (Scorpio) and the face of a man (Aquarius). Taurus; the one who is able to work with patience by sowing values, Leo; the one who carries the creative fire and is able to lead, Scorpio or The Eagle; the one who is able to change himself and change others by transforming the death to a new life, and Aquarius; the one who transmits ideas to the future, thus getting himself free and setting free others.

At the top of the square is the fifth element; the ether. Usually the most important of the nation‘s God with a lot of duties represent the element (Zeus – in Hellas, Perkūnas, or Thunder – in Lithuania, etc.). In some places he is managing according to the Sun god (Egypt), elswhere he is more independent.

At that time all these Gods gained more assistants who each were called their own names in each place on the Earth. The assistants had to hurry to help all of the human concerns. In this way, gradually formed energy structures for each such assistant, eventually turning into an energy formation (eggregor).

It is now difficult to distinguish whether first there were Priests – Consecrated that developed the necessary structure when there was a need, then encapsulated it into the astral robe and gave it powers with their prayers, or structures of the Spiritual thought world descended into the astral worlds to provide assitance to men who settled themselves on the Earth.

Thus the symbol represents the descent of Common Consciousness from the Spirit worlds to material level in seven directions and forms of its manifestation. This symbol refers to both the descent phases of the spirit to materiality, and should help to understand the one who perceives the Truth the Way to return Home. One can return home only after the Truth is perceived.

There will be a separate volume of anthropotheosophy describing that Way.

For some, it is time to understand and use this information. For some, the time has not come yet. They will not understand even why we are talking about the whole thing.

2010 01 19

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